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What started off as some girls who grew up together in Scranton walking in honor of my mom, has now morphed into some girls who grew up together in Scranton, a husband, and two daughters!

In 2000, my mom, Marilyn (Howard) Fuller-Smith was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It was caught early with a mammogram that was provided free by her insurance, a biopsy, also free through her insurance, and then a lumpectomy and radiation, all paid for with her insurance. The job that she had also afforded her the time to take time off to recover completely before going back to work.

My mother's wish is for all women to have free annual mammograms to be able to detect breast cancer early. To be able to seek quality and affordable treatment.  To  have a second chance at life, as she has.  To be able to be the mother, sister, friend, aunt and grandmother and daughter  that she has been able to be for the past 17 years. 

Some people just talk the talk, but Mimi, as a lot of us call her, walks the walk, LITERALLY.  Between 2011 and 2016, she participated in 9 Susan G Komen 3days.   If you aren't familiar, it is a three day walk totalling 60 miles!  This year, through rain, wind, 100 degree temperatures, up hills, down hills, in cities and literally all over the country, she is walking EVERY 3DAY scheduled!  That's 7 weekends of walking 60 miles, three of them in one month!  Mom wanted to be able to walk in the NEPA Race for the Cure to help raise money and to also honor her very good friend Chris Gilroy.  Chris is a breast cancer survivor, and also happens to be on the Board of Directors of Susan G Komen, Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately, mom will be in Seattle on yet another 60 mile walk.  I figured the least I could do was walk a few miles in her honor and Chris's!

Please join me in honoring these 2 brave women and those who have not been so fortunate, by making a small donation to Team Mimi.    Help us show the world that the men and women of Northeast PA are More Than Pink!

Peace and healthy boobs,


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